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Born in Uruguay, living in Israel, working in Tel- Aviv.
I had ten solo exhibitions and participated in many groups shows in Israel and abroad. Awarded “Cow Design Festival”, Ukraine, for illustration and took part in an Artist Residency (Valparaiso Foundation, Mojacar, Spain). Published a haiku book “Fields near home” , and ink paintings for Amir Or poetry book “On the Road”
There is something unconscious about the inception of new work. An image floats in an undefined world, is hunted and captured, and then put on the canvas. After that comes the disengagement. There is a need to leave the work be. I look for a system of tools that can examine any living being.
The source is Nature, and everything that derives from it.
The materialized creatures are very physical, but they deal with the spirit. I wish for them to own certain emotional traits, and eventually become emotionally open ended, capable of endless change. The need to express motion has drawn me toward marionettes hanging on a string, which in effect constitute material in motion. I came to investigate the fan after my excitement from movement. The fan as an interpretation of a wing. The fan as the expression of changes.
Another aspect of interest in my work is dealing with memories and time gap. I create prints in Cyanotype. Magic blue. Blue moments of reflection, of insights.

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