Adriana Marmorek

Mixed Media by Adriana Marmorek / 13115

Adriana Marmorek, one of Colombia’s foremost contemporary artists, began her search for what she designated as the “architecture of desire” twenty years ago, exploring questions around media and how the female body is wielded as a sexualized marketing tool, a path that led her to wonder about love and loss, which in turn led her to her current investigation into the nature of love and how we have come to lose its proximity to the spiritual, the sublime, and the highly mysterious.

“Anima” originated from a serendipitous encounter with Hieronymus Bosch’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, which reinterprets the relationship she found between a tranquil and protected couple encased in a glass bubble. Her piece, a delicate glass flower whose corolla is no less than the glass bubble protecting the lovers in the Garden, becomes ambiguous in that very sense of protection. Two golden sheets dance within the sphere, propelled by air blown inside it that sets the lovers in motion; but their very movement cause the sheets to crash against each other or against the glass walls of the sphere, ultimately deteriorating. They are protected and imprisoned at the same time, lovers drifting towards one another but ultimately fading away.

In Marmorek’s brilliant career there is a clear line of work, a personal mark that evolves and flourishes around the concepts of desire and pleasure. Her artistic expression is not limited to the erotic element, but also incorporates social, historical and human elements fundamentally relative to the Western world’s imagination and questioning.

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