Affan Baghpati

  • Sculpture by Affan Baghpati / 12854Sculpture by Affan Baghpati / 12853

    From its makers to its users, consumers to acquirers, conceivers to discarding agencies, an object’s social life expands way beyond our experience. An idea of this little figurine for instance, is designed in America, manufactured in China and parts of Indonesia. From there it goes through the wholesale and retail channels of Europe and the Americas. From a shop’s display, it moves into somebody’s living room, showcases, and bedrooms until discarded. Much later, it is sent back to wholesale then retail flea markets of South Asian and African cities. @affanbaghpati successfully attempts to continue the itinerary of mundane object as abject.
    Baghpati is currently based in Karachi, Pakistan.

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