Alessandra Mondolfi

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    Alessandra Mondolfi is an artist currently residing in Miami. This new body of work titled “Bloom” is a physical and intimate material exploration that uses her body as a vehicle to engage intellectually/emotionally in the process of middle aged self-rediscovery. It is an obsessive meditation on the innocent beauty of nature and it’s organic patterns, colors and textures that are visually an organized chaos. At first glance the pieces appear to be surreal flowers but upon closer inspection, it is revealed that they are made of cast plaster body parts. The pieces subtlety touch upon ideas about aging, intimacy, solitude, value, transformation, growth, vulnerability, individuality, exposure, gaze, perception, desire, fantasy and pleasure. The work is full of contradictions; it is beautiful yet garish as well as humorous but terrifying. She conceptually draws from the extensive symbology of the circle and the many art precedents of flowers as sensual objects.