Alexandros Tzallas

  •  by Alexandros Tzallas / 1271 by Alexandros Tzallas / 1270 by Alexandros Tzallas / 1269 by Alexandros Tzallas / 1268 by Alexandros Tzallas / 1267

    Most of Alexandros Tzallas work take place between on the void between the pragmatic and the plasmatic reality. Always preoccupied by scenery that quivers between the lyrical and the didactical he uses intangible beliefs in order to seek a handmade “answer”. Alexandros artword plays the tableau upon which various elements are striped down from their original identities and emerge as new “concept”. On his last project the artists uses large scale painting, upon which every images works as a sketch within a sketch.The vivid colors and the esoteric composition is one of the most characteristic/artistic anomalies of the artist.