Alexis Anyfantakis

Collage by Alexis Anyfantakis / 5285Collage by Alexis Anyfantakis / 4359Collage by Alexis Anyfantakis / 4357Collage by Alexis Anyfantakis / 4355

A lot of his work comes from a feeling of melancholy. A need to connect, a need to bring close what is far away. Like his family but also his past. In order to fill the void, he tries to recreate these experiences and reproduce these feelings. Reality in itself is not what’s most important. “Trying To Tame is about longing for something out-of-reach. About missing what is gone. Like the childhood spent in my homeland, an island (Crete, Greece). Images of its rocks that I photographed last spring, evoke melancholy in me which makes me want to destroy them and rearrange them. To construct an alternative reality. Each piece is unique, temporary; of limited existence. It is composed anew every time it is exhibited and in the end it is taken down, destroyed and reduced to just paper. This is my way of trying to tame my melancholy.”

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