Andrea Bucci

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    Andrea Bucci was born in 1966 in Viareggio, Tuscany, on the Italian seacoast, where he lives and works. Son of an artist, but self-taught in his medium of terra cotta, he laid aside a career in architecture to place himself under the critical public eye and affront the road of an artist. He has the spontaneity of youth but also the determination of one who has objectives and wants to pursue them. His ceramic and bronze figures have poetic simplicity: where, however, everything has a sense. Certain accentuations and deformations finish his pieces with a normal appearance, as if the reality is that represented by the sculptor, and not vice versa. He has enormous bravura in making us accept personages and situations that seem to come out of a book of poetry, and not out of a kiln. He has a light touch and a fantastic grace in all that he presents; but he also has drive, energy, and comprehension of the possibilities – the end result is mastery of his medium. Since 1986, Andrea has created his art on a professional level. He works both in clay and bronze in small and monumental sizes. Andrea actively participates in the Italian artistic life, with numerous collective and personal exhibitions, along with maintaining and exhibiting in his personal gallery in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Andrea’s first foreign exhibit was held in 2000 in Montreal, Canada, with the sponsorship of the Institute of Italian Culture. From there other exhibits have followed in the U.S.A. and Northern Europe. In 2008 he entered and won his first public art competition in Olso, Norway, held by the Selvaag Gruppen for their Peer Gynt Competition. The sculpture, titled “The Wild Buck Ride” will be installed in the fall of 2010. Andrea’s sculptures are in public and private collections in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, U.S.A. , UK. Artist statement. In the last twenty-five years of my artist vocation, I pursued the idea of giving form and shape to my imagination. I have the inner desire to share my deepest feelings, my aesthetical ideal of what a human being can do when fascination, attention, passion, and curiosity fill ours life. Remember when all of us as children played using our curiosity and our creativity? I remember having seen the most varied and bizarre shapes emerge from the particular light and shadows of a cloud. I have continued to play with my curiosity and my creativity. I create to show the great connection amongst the infinite elements of the world we live in. Earth has taken the place of steam, my hands – that of the wind, so the imagine I make to share with you will remain in longer in our minds.

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