Anne Schubert

Collage by Anne Schubert / 5881Collage by Anne Schubert / 5878Collage by Anne Schubert / 5877

Anne Schubert is a visual artist who is focused on the human face and body with its pure lines and contours. In her work, she is constantly seeking for aesthetics and subtle details with the portrait photography as the conceptual base for the final artwork. By altering and hiding some parts of the original image, the character of the photo itself conveys a new visual message in depth, which creates space for more movement. With a strong emphasis on competing visual elements her work reflects a transformation of reality and embodies a new aesthetic experience with an abstract edge. It’s a dialogue between minimalism and the subtle yet important compositions of details. She always strives to create a visual balance between digital art and a refreshing manual touch and detailed handwork.

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