Carina Imbrogno

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    My name is Carina Imbrogno . I’m a disabled self taught artist and now an inspirational artist. I’ve had many miracles and I feel I’m being guided by God in my life and I’m alive to tell my story and share my art with the world. That is my purpose here on earth and my goal in life. I love to draw and paint realistically. One of my favorite mediums to work with is pastels. I love pastels so much that it had become the medium of my choice. I discovered my passion for finearts six years ago when I almost lost my life. I really have an incredible story to share. I have Elhers Danlos Syndrome that caused me kyphosis scoliosis since birth. I wasn’t diagnosed until 2015. It seems like my disease is no longer progressing which is another miracle. l’m a walking miracle and today I’m thrilled to be creating art. Photography is another passion I discovered as well. I love realism and I use a lot of photography to create my art animals. I love to draw and paint nature, animals and wildlife. I have a true love for wildlife and nature. I find animals beautiful and interesting because of all the different textures and fur they have. I love trying to
    capture the animals I’m drawing their expressions especially. I can work in any medium but my medium of choice is pastels. I discovered pastels over two years ago and I’ve created over 65 pieces in this time frame. In six years are I’ve created over 120 pieces of art. I have severe learning disabilities and memory problems due to illness and physical disabilities. My spine collapsed in 2006 due to my genetic disorder. I live with some pain. I’ve endured over 10 operations since the age of 10. I have two rods and 26 screws holding my spine. I try to do my art every day as a for of therapy and because I have found my passion. I feel my purpose is to tell my story and show my art and inspire.

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