Chung Yin LAM

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    LAM, Chung Yin is a Hong Kong-based artist. He received Master degree of fine art at Central Saint Martins, University of the arts London in 2019. His practices present diverse conflicts on different aspects of living, for example, the digital realm with actuality.
    ‘2018: An Online Odyssey on Google Maps’ is a series of watercolor landscape drawings. Through Google Maps with its street view feature, Jason explored Easter Island and other remote islands around the Earth. Those are the digital experiences, that presents the influence of digital technology on the people and the involvement in creativity. On the one hand, It also proves that the digital object is an imitation of reality and providing us with an alternative perception. On the other hand, through reducing the image’s resolution, a blurred image exposes its nature, pixels. Moreover, the pixels do not present the original image anymore but an abstract, ambiguous and flat image that leaves a space of imagination for audiences. Therefore, such digital objects, including Google Maps, are not just a replicate of reality, and it provides a unique and alternative experience in reality.

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