Claire Milner

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    Claire Milner has created art for celebrities, large corporations and advertising agencies. Her artworks are held in private collections around the world and have been exhibited internationally and in institutional and museum exhibitions in the UK. Her large-scale crystal mosaic of Marilyn Monroe is in the private collection of Rihanna and her portrait of Amy Winehouse appeared in an exhibition curated by the Amy Winehouse Foundation to mark what would have been the late singer’s 30th birthday. Value systems, memory, mortality and the escalating conflict between civilization and the natural world are recurring themes in her ouvre, explored primarily through the mediums of paint and crystal mosaic. ‘Holocene Twilight: An Allegory of Displacement’ is the second in a series of works from the artist’s latest collection. It simultaneously develops the theme of, and contrasts with colourful crystal mosaics with the same theme yet given a very different treatment, to represent abundance and extinction. Here, monochromatic oil paintings represent fading memories and loss. A reimagined version of Pietro Longhi’s ‘Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice’ is a starting point for a series of endangered species within urban settings, allegories for human and animal displacement.

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