Dalton Desborough

  •  by Dalton Desborough / 1845 by Dalton Desborough / 1844 by Dalton Desborough / 1843

    ‘Untitled UN-mastered’ is a figurative piece that challenges the logic in religion. It is accompanied with the grand illusion of the figure levitating in mid air ,yet the loud and brass red rope circles back the idea that illusion is only in place to gain control through human emotion. I think this helps me voice my opinion on religion.I feel it was just put in place to start leadership and get the people to obey and look up to someone else then themselves in the hierarchy. The face of the sculpture is cut into four sections and is in fact also four different sections of people’s faces. This was important for my piece to have .With this in mind I thought to myself when traveling on public transport that everyone around me has a different view on religion. That’s what I think is great about this piece is that it’s very open for connotations in the same way religious beliefs are.

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