Dana Manon Filsinger

  •  by Dana Manon Filsinger / 1720 by Dana Manon Filsinger / 1719 by Dana Manon Filsinger / 1718 by Dana Manon Filsinger / 1717

    I, Dana Manon Filsinger, am American artist currently living and working in Erie, Pennsylvania. As an artist, I have always been interested in discovering ways of expressing and communicating emotions through a piece of work. When creating, I am constantly aware of the subject in my piece and I am open to the unique story that emerges spontaneously. Each subject, from people, places, and things, go through a very thoughtful and deliberate process. This, I believe, gives each piece a unique existence and purpose. With an appreciation for all people and places, I hope to achieve a distinct viewpoint through my work. I have had the pleasure of showing internationally and throughout the United States and am excited to continue sharing my vision.

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