Danielle Cather Cohen

  •  by Danielle Cather Cohen / 1863

    Danielle Cather Cohen (b. 1975-) is a colorist and impressionist originally from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. With over 30 years of experience, her interest in art began at the very young age of six, as she was mentored for almost a decade by Evelyn Leavens, an internationally renowned artist from Red Bank, NJ. She has always had a great love for the interaction of color and spirit. Her mediums are pencil, gouache, and watercolor; but her main focus is oil. With fine art collectors all over the USA, Danielle’s work has been in demand for many years. Her paintings evoke various moods in order to transport the viewer into the center of their being. At the beginning of each painting, Danielle says: “I start my journey to an all-encompassing, almost indescribable place. I strive for the essence of beauty – a dance with color.” Her intuitive nature and love of color leads her to create many vibrant works in subjects as broad as abstract/contemporary, figurative, wildlife, landscapes, and especially nautical works and seascapes. Within all of these subjects, she relies on her use of color to visually delight, unify a composition, and to create a mood and a feeling in the viewer.

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