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    Duskmann challenges wagner’s ideal of total work of art by attempting a synthesis of all the creative disciplines. The interactive installation prelude introduces the public to a realm where art and design combine in complete freedom of expression and experimentation. Presented by the new art collective in vilnius, lithuania, the work focuses on a red jasper stone – a unique, naturally occurring gem, one of the largest in the world. The installation deals with the sense of mystery inspired by the unknown, eventually expressed through ordinary objects that take on a trascendental meaning. The stone’s shape, its color and placement symbolize a heart giving off kinetic force – that of a heartbeat. This pulse echoes within the walls of and fills the works on display with supernatural power. A series of macro photos deconstructs the stone into its basic elements, taking the visitors into an abstract dimension made of geometric lines and patterns. Each photograph is an external projection of the jasper’s creative energy. Daring experimentation and passion drive duskmann‘s work towards new realities, which awaits to be shaped by the bold and sharp aesthetic promoted by the art group.