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    Since my childhood I have loved to draw and model. I grew up in Rome, a city with a big heritage of art, beauty, ancient architecture and huge green areas. My works are inspired by nature, phisycal and emotional experiences including humor and sensuality and representation of urban landscapes I live in. I love to experiment with the expressivity of materials, such as wood, stone, clay and sometimes is the material that I collect to suggest me which path and expressive language to take. Some of my works I made directly on site, in urban areas or in nature, are often composed of severals elements and in relation to the place and space change in meaning.
    All the artworks which I attached are coming from my quarantine time. It was during this period of isolation that I started to realize sculptures inspired by urban nature. A new and different nature, where the working process brings me into a state of meditation. I use stone slivers taking pleasure from this supended time, giving a new form to theses remains. As Black center and Egg.
    Mr X, is a working progress situation started during quarantina time and where the eye of Mr X is looking inside a room. This one represents the first time I have seen Mr. X. But of course he will come again in different contest and in different spaces, in a next future.
    At least Blow and Edicola votiva, are the dream vision which I had one night. Edicola votiva is a view inside a home, where the presence of smoke coming from outside is taking the space of air inside, and a figure of a child is looking to this negative presence. The idea is recalling the sacred aedicula, so that the home becomes an object of prayer.
    Blow is the representation of my mouth breathing smoke, breathing contamineted air.

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