Ernest Atsukofi Akaba

Collage by Ernest Atsukofi Akaba / 15689Collage by Ernest Atsukofi Akaba / 15688Collage by Ernest Atsukofi Akaba / 15687Collage by Ernest Atsukofi Akaba / 15686Collage by Ernest Atsukofi Akaba / 15685

The idea behind my work came from the desire to create a unique image of my happy young twins. I received my ideas from the dark space and bringing them in the light space within the dark which I’m being influenced by chiaroscuro (an Italian word for dark and light). I experimented with used recharged cards which I saw littering about, (Beauty in Trash).
The main technique behind my work is collage, where I use dried leaves as my material of choice. I generate a light-dark version of the original image with the help of a computer. I then precisely cut out the leaves and paste onto the work surface, bringing out the finished work.

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