Francesco De Prezzo

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    “More or less all of my works are based on the concept of existence and identity. I paint in oils from real life, on pieces of wood and fabric that I have in my studio. I spend hours reproducing them on canvas, just how they appear in front of me, then I nullify one part of the painting with white paint, thus…like a good masochist. What I mean to say is that: I spend a lot of time creating and little time overwriting but despite this I persist in wanting to erase forms. I like thinking that under the white parts everything I painted still exists… and, that one day, someone discounting one of my works will find the underling part beneath. For installations and photos I put forward images that similarly reflect on the fact of “existing”, of occupying a space. They are very humble and simple structures, even a bunch of planks of wood, indeed a sheet in the wind is an object that manifests its presence…I find that working with simple objects renders the work much more poetic. The images are strong in their fragility, unstable entities that confront reality and therefore measure its existence. Thus I believe that my installation work is a continuous attempt to measure the existence of certain presences.”