Funda İyce Tuncel

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    Funda İyce Tuncel was born in Ankara on 1968 and graduated from Gazi University, Training Faculty, and Department of Fine Arts. Between the years 1992 and 1995, she was assigned to an Art Consultant position in Cultural Center of Atatürk, Ankara. Being a member of the International Association for Plastic Artists (UPSD), the Pan-Mediterranean Women Artists Network (FAM) and the Association for United Artists (BRHD), she was also in charge as General Secretary for the BRHD in question between the years 1998 and 2002. As a charter member of Contemporary Arts Foundation she has served for Ankara Art Exhibition during its organizational stage and performed a great effort to maintain its sustainability. She won the 3rd prize at the World Art Expo 09 Art Fair which held in Orange County California by World Art Foundation. Many institutions including Embassies exhibit certain pieces of the Artist nationally and internationally. She has performed 44 personal exhibitions to date. She has participated to some complex exhibitions and art activities as well. Art Critic Ümit Gezgin and Ekrem Kahraman who is an artist and an author, have jointly published a biography of the Artist in 2008 that illustrates her work and artistic perception. Her works are in many personal and institutional collections and also are on display in various biennials and fairs in domestic and abroad.

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