Gabriel Folli

  •  by Gabriel Folli / 1882 by Gabriel Folli / 1881 by Gabriel Folli / 1880 by Gabriel Folli / 1879 by Gabriel Folli / 1878

    My work feeds on the daily accumulation of textual and photographic documents, which establishes itself on the travel and the journey. Photos of family, stemming photos of go shopping or of Internet, recept or subway ticket, road maps, letters or postcard, diverses objects : all theses elements allow me to begin what I call process of remember. Every image refers to a story, an anecdote, a past, which it’s possible to rebuild. To feel the feelings which arouses the pondering over the old document or a landcape, the artist in his creation, as performative pratice, as well as the spectator, have to draw from their memory, and their real life experience to include and perceive the recovery of the image.

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