Galina Semenova

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    As long as I remember myself, I have always been fascinated by the ability of a tiny camera to freeze moments of life history, and travel in the past. My relationship with the art of photography started on the day when parents gave me my first camera for the 14-th birthday, and it was the best present I could ever dream of. The camera became my concealment, my best friend who would always accompany me whenever I went out, and who made it possible for me to get forgotten in my dreams and never feel the overwhelming loneliness. I also had a school friend who let me wiz while creating black-and-white photos out of color films in a small photo-laboratory located in her bathroom. The hobby became an inseparable part of my life, and when I turned 27 I took a course in Moscow Academy of Photography where I was learning the art of observation and the skill оf capturing exclusive moments… And then I moved to Las Vegas,the USA. Oh, don’t feel confused – I did’t miss a chapter of my life story, I simply let my heart guide me and gave up everything I had in Russia – my successful marketing career for one of the best leading companies, my family and friends… I gave it all up for the man I loved. I sure had grand plans to further study photography and implement projects. However, life turned out to be a bit different: little by little, I lost all my aspirations and fell int a long-lasting depression with occasional ups and downs, and once again downs… I guess it is a “present” that I brought from my Motherland – my Russian soul which is pretty contradictory and spontaneous. But it helps me reach the tops and discover the abyss of my feelings and emotions. America has little fancy for foreigners, but if you manage to reach an agreement with this country, it starts to give you gifts. In 2010, a year after I found myself among the deserts of Nevada, there was an exhibition in Bellagio, one of the world largest casinos. I don’t mean to say it was a breaking-news event. It was rather the recognition of my alien mind, my “balalaika”. And it was just a begining of my beautiful story of love. I can share my impressions for a long time, and this is like playing with matryoshka: with each new layer you will get a more refined doll admiring the Master’s workmanship. And eventually you’ll reach the tiniest essence that will let us discover the whole Universe.

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