Gianluca Attoli

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    My name is Gianluca Attoli and I am a self-taught amateur photographer from Monza, Italy. I approached photography in early 2019 mostly to reconnect with my hometown after a few years away. I am mostly drawn towards human-altered landscape, particularly suburbs, sometimes with a penchant for strong moods.

    The shots I am submitting belong to my series “Suburban Base”. This ongoing project is based on a visual exploration of my local suburbs (Monza/Milan, Northern Italy), with the main goal of isolating and highlighting the feelings of composure, isolation, suspendness and at the same time, unexpected beauty, dignity and serendipity that these types of areas can evoke. I try to keep the images as much universally accessible and relatable as possible by decontextualising shapes and spaces and offering a representation of spaces and places ideally applicable to any, or most of suburban-industrial environments of the Western society – by this I mean for example avoiding as much as I can any local reference (names, people, emblems – unless they are universally recognizable). Reflecting about these peculiarities and this “found beauty” theme leads ideally to a broader reflection on both the recurring architectural and functional patterns that are present in towns and cities, and the cultural models and stereotypes that shape people’s perception of their urban environment.

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