Helena Pallarés

Collage by Helena Pallarés / 5238Collage by Helena Pallarés / 5237Collage by Helena Pallarés / 5236Collage by Helena Pallarés / 5004Collage by Helena Pallarés / 5002

Helena Pallarés is a spanish artist and illustrator based in Paris, France. She works with collage techniques, both digital and handmade, creating conceptual images related to the dadaism, the surrealism, the dreams and the unconscious. She also does portraits, which she creates with papers and some drawing parts (generally eyes, mouth and nose). For the last 5 years she has worked in a varied media – book houses, magazines, advertising – in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Suisse and USA and currently she combines her work as a freelance illustrator and the german illustrator´s agency Marsha Heyer.

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