Hyung Jin Park

  • I work subconsciously with a hope to seek spiritual possibility. My work feeds on the Buddhist idea of transmigration and the sentence, “everything has no angle.” In Kandinsky’s book, Point and Line to Plane. Both concepts basically convey the idea that everything is connected. Thus, I begin my work by throwing threads onto a canvas. The random shapes formed by the thrown threads are not deliberately drawn, but rather derive from the realm that I am not conscious of, such as spirit or chi, which in turn originates from the universe. I look at the forms and shapes and associate them with constellations. Constellations, I believe, represent images of the past, the strangely familiar, and some faces whose traces have long been forgotten in us but have become eternal symbols in the universe. I glue the threads and then glue net stockings that are cut and stretched to fit the shapes made by random lines. I began to use net stockings after discovering that they are used for covering but emphatically reveal what is hidden underneath. They work well for expressing my perception and impression of the cosmos. I glue beads on shaped nets. Looking at the forms on canvas, I name them based on whatever comes to mind. They are Leo, Aquarius, and so on and each has its own story to tell. Like a cartoon, the forms are exaggerated and painted effects are obvious. I want my work to break away from the intellectual, rational formulation and to provide a clue that will lead to a new story. The forms in my work are like cosmic signs driving from my subconsciousness that is in tune with the universe.

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