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    We are IAMMI studio, a design studio based in Milano founded by Italian-Portuguese designer dos Santos & French-Italian art director Stephanie Blanchard.
    Our designs fuse tradition and innovation, creating a variety of unconventional products.

    We want to submit some shots of B-FORA, our vase born from the desire to combine the beauty and harmony of Greek art with the graceful female body silhouette.
    B-FORA is a ceramic vase with the shape of a fabulous woman. The original silhouette belongs to a classic continuous-profile amphora, but finally the b-side is revealed.
    Not just an A-mphora, it’s a B-phora!
    In all these shots we represented a common characteristic to all women: power. Power can be declined in various aspects: power of fierceness, power of seduction, power of self-confidence, power of strength, power of giving life etc. No matter for which choice is focused on, power is a value shared by all women.


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