Irene Hoff

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    Irene Hoff was born in the Netherlands, Drachten (1968). She came into the world as a beautiful and curious person, surrounded by an amazing and intriguing energy, ready to give love, passion, creativity and wittiness to everything that surrounds her. She experiences life as an exciting journey full of playful winks and clues, giving her the daily doses insights. She learned to open her eyes and look for the unexpected, expected. Life has given her many challenges which she turns into growth and creativity. For me art is a way of communication, a bridge between my inner voice and outer world. My art is not only a visual way of expression, but a means of transferring my energy and insights to the person that is attracted to my work. I try to open up positive thoughts, stimulate the energy source and break down feelings, visions that block them. How I do that? Highly intuitive, by connecting with my inner source and its creativity’. Vivid colors and a unique compilation of styles and visual elements, for example pictures, cartoons, symbols, signs and words, are often the basis for Irene’s authentic collage-pop-art-kind-of-style. Irene works with mixed media, using acrylic on canvass, uplifted with colorful printed patterns on special coated paper. ‘I love to work with large-scale pieces to create a big impact. I will advise the client on the style that suits their environment and will incorporate personal influences, interiors, lifestyles and my client’s beliefs, to create the perfect match. ‘says Irene.

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