Jason Adkins

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    My paintings are quite simple, actually. They are vast, open fields with thrustful
    strokes of intertwining, gestural information. They are perforations, slits,
    enlargements of microcosms with deep roots that focus on, and involve, the
    marriage of organic matter/ living systems and a spontaneous focus of creating
    something beautiful; an interpretation through the simple act of painting. These
    landscapes, and their abstracted offshoots, reference abstract expressionism, yet
    contemporize themselves and bury any nostalgic notion by way of unparalleled
    application techniques and tools. In turn, these visual and energetic fields,
    unembellished at first glance, thus become complex. The variegated systems
    depict scenes that comprise both acceptance and rejection, forceful and
    unapologetic. I guess my paintings are not so simple.

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