Jerry Helle

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Born in 1999 in Washington D.C. as one of five children, Jerry Helle early became conscious of his difference to others, even his siblings. Confronted early with his inability to relate to his peers, Jerry Helle quickly learned to express himself through art – visualising the complexity within and finding comfort through creation. Spending most of his time amongst elders, benefiting from their wisdom and nostalgic perspective on life – and through that making sense of his own lived reality, Jerry Helle’s early years are central for his artistic work. Contrasting value systems, home in Cameroon and what is now home abroad, dynamics of his family’s history, postcolonial theories and ultimately spirituality play major roles in his work. Working primarily abstract as the deliberate reduction to the essential is fundamental for Jerry Helle’s artistic identity. Through textures, shapes and colours Helle depicts an understanding of his physical, spiritual, and emotional reality. His artworks are exhibited across Germany and published in the UK.

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