Jill Poczkai Ibsen

  •  by Jill Poczkai Ibsen / 1806 by Jill Poczkai Ibsen / 1805

    My work combines painting, installation and photography. I strive consistently an expression that leaves no doubt about my devotion of the graphic universe. The expression is abstract and devoids superfluous details and visual cliches. An artifice that emphasizes the dialogue between artistic practices and a quiet presence between artwork and viewer. The story behind the use of images is to be found in my upbringing at the west coast of Denmark. The clouds, the sea and the surrounding countryside were literally my playground through childhood and infancy adulthood. A playground that has become a steadfast constituent in my work – as visual fragments or physical based modified abstractions over same theme. The images are based on an artistic intention that noneemotional and graphic compositions are being complimented by value-adding components. The artworks often arise questions about modern life staging, decay and aesthetics – the relationship between these and reality as we experience it. They beautify and exhibit less flattering aspects of life, in a way that evokes calm while it also speaks to the immediate aesthetic pleasure and sensuality.

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