Jo Cope

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Jo Cope’s conceptual fashion practice crosses over into art, craft and performance, she classes her work as focused on The Human Side of Fashion and is best known for her red shoe artworks. Since 2006 her work has been represented at a diverse range of prestigious exhibitions worldwide; from London Craft Week to the Venice Biennale fringe festival and Fashion Matters at Buckingham Palace. Her footwear artefacts have been exhibited internationally at top museums including Budapest Museum of Art, State Museum Russia and Decorative Arts Museum Paris. Her latest project Shoes Have Names is a colaboration with homeless Charity Shelter, where she brings together 10 shoe designers with 10 individuals who have faced homelessness who have been helped by Shelter; the resulting shoes and touring exhibition will symbolise the individual journeys and positive steps forward. Jo’s work pushes the formal boundries of fashion questioning its evolving role within art and society.

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