Karolina Albricht

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    Karolina Albricht graduated in 2008 with Masters Degree from Academy of Fine Arts Krakow, Poland. Following her graduation she moved to London. She has exhibited across Europe and participated in many competitions including ArtGemini Prize (Public Choice Award) and Arte Laguna Prize. She has been previously shortlisted for the Royal College of Art Summer Exhibition and the Threadneedle Prize. Karolina’s practice reflects on the role of nature in man’s life and its consequences on the changing face of 21st century landscape. Her working process is synthetic, she researches the subjects and creates an internal image based on photos found on internet. She revisits and analyses moments, objects and interactions of colours and shapes. A vital part of her work are experiments with the texture, fluidity and application of paint. This encourages transition between representation and non-representation. The narrative is often experimental and examines the idea of duality and contrast that surrounds us: human-nature, dream-reality, danger-fun, abstract-realism, control-chance. She uses this in order to recreate a distinct mood which envelopes her work; uneasy, playful and ambiguous. Ultimately, Karolina renders a collective imagination of landscape which connects and disconnects with the world. The unfamiliar becomes familiar.

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