• Sculpture by Liyri / 4980

    `Silent Man` Work: Sculpture made of welded steel pieces. The size of the work is 220 cm high with a concrete base of 60 cm. About the work: `Silent man` – an iron skull of a dead person that didn’t realize himself during the lifetime. He is creative, there are many stuff is going on in his brain, he has plenty of ideas, he had a potentially unique hidden world of imagination. Even after his life he is struggling inside his very framed hard iron cage head. His jaw is fixed with strong springs, he is silent. Now when, after his life, when he is in another world `Silent man` regrets a lot that he didn’t speak during his life. A statement of the work – You have to speak, do, realize yourself before you die. Emotions: Representation of my thoughts, my life. Proud to see the life how it is. Looking into the future screaming song of my soul. Listening: Psychodelic Buddism mantra by Leany.

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