Malene Heerup

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    “Malene Heerup is an accomplished Danish contemporary surrealist artist that lives and works in Copenhagen. Born into a family filled with Danish and internationally renowned artists. She grew up with an innate ability to observe subtext, details and motifs. ‘While living in NYC and attending the famous Parsons School of Design Malene found her artistic identity through the influence of the city, which included hard work and confidence in transcendence. “… New York taught me to work and believe in wonders. I draw my inspiration from a subconscious state where observations are moulded by joy, humour and a desire to communicate using motifs, colours, shapes and compositions to tell my story”. Malene is a prolific artist, producing many works of art each year. She is as comfortable in her studio as well as producing commissioned works for individuals and companies. She is often invited to participate in art events as a producer or as ambassador of art.” Info about the submitted works: 1. “Cleopatra” Oil on canvas, 150x135cm 2. “Leaf” Handtufted Marina wool artdesign carpet, 5000x3000cm, all sizes, many designs. 3. “Timeless in Tokyo” Oil on canvas, 150x125cm 4. “Girl with the grey eyes” Oil on canvas, 160x160cm 5. “Tree of life” installation, Oil on canvas