Marc C Woehr

Sculpture by Marc C Woehr / 12318Sculpture by Marc C Woehr / 12317Sculpture by Marc C Woehr / 12316Sculpture by Marc C Woehr / 12315Sculpture by Marc C Woehr / 12314

Marc C Woehr (* 1973) is a German contemporary Artist, whose works of art are on display in national and international galleries and at trade fairs worldwide. He is best known for his sculptural wooden reliefs and monumental city paintings, which are characterized by their stark contrasts and few colors, inevitably reminding one of the main representatives of the Russian avant-garde. For Woehr it is important to design room constructions and to create new realities and future cities, just as it once was for the avant-gardists. Therefore the urban happening in different dimensions and from different perspectives is the central theme of all his works. Woehr has intensively studied both – the Russian avant-garde as well as the Movement of DADA and the Bauhaus of the 1920s resulting in contemporary, energetic works of different materials and techniques.

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