Mark Rammers

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On a daily basis we visit numerous places and take them for granted, acknowledging their existence yet failing to pay attention to the beauty they behold. ‘Extra Ordinary’ brings the viewer to these places and invites people to stop and stare, to come closer and to take in the structures they easily overlook. It encourages us to marvel at the world, ask questions about how it’s being created and what influence it truly has on our daily existence.  These images have been taken during multiple journeys to Spain, where many industry and trade takes place in designated areas outside the cities, the ‘Polígonos Industriales’. These, often immense, zones boast a fantastic collection of architecture, shapes and colors, but are meanwhile not the places you are likely to spend a lot of time. Mark Rammers (1986) is a Dutch documentary, architecture and interior design photographer based in Amsterdam. His work shows beauty that is only revealed to one that takes time to look around the spaces they visit. We encounter these colors, shapes, forms as well as people and situations on a daily basis, yet fail to pay attention to them.

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