Markus Åkesson

Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10205Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10204Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10203Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10202Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10201Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10200Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10199Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10198Painting by Markus Åkesson / 10197

Markus Åkesson was born in 1975. He lives and works in Sweden and is a neofigurative painter. Åkesson’s series Dysmorphia from 2018 portrays bodies in postures that are normally reserved for portraits. The fabrics are seductively beautiful. The patterns are of the kind that have been popularized and reproduced innumerable times across the world. These are the materials found in homes as draperies and curtains, but they have also been popular in dresses and shirts. But who is the person kept under a veil in the painting? And why is their body covered? Central to Markus Åkesson’s artistry is the tension between the openly and seductively beautiful and that which is hidden to the gaze. “Dysmorphia” is a medical term. It is a psychological condition where the affected patient is fixated upon an experience of bodily insufficiency.

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