Mehmet Sakızcı

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1966¬-born in Şanlıurfa.
1996-took the first degree in the department of art in Hacettepe university when he graduated.
1997-became the member of the international plastic art organization.
1998-opened an exhibition which he defined as lyric abstract in nancy – France. while he was there; he had the opportunity to see the works of important art history in the famous art centers and museums in the cities such as Paris and strasbourg.
1999-took his master degree.
2000-worked as a lecturer in the department of art in the faculty of fine arts in Süleyman Demirel university.
2001-started to work as a lecturer in Harran university.
He had personel and mixed exhibitions in and out of Turkey. He had degrees and awards in the competitions and his works had the value to be exhibited. Mehmet Sakızcı is still going on his art and drawing studies in the department of art teaching in the faculty of arts and science in Harran university.

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