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    BOY AND KANGAROOS-A FALSE AWAKENING from Mengli Zhang on Vimeo.

    ——a false awakening series
    by MengLi Zhang\张蒙利

    Daily dreams keep arriving during my sleep since I was young, three kinds of illusions dress in the form of a dream:
    1, daily dream
    2, Sleep paralysis
    3, night terror

    night terror took the stage a few times before I was 9 years old, it stopped right after this age. performances that it had displayed in front of my eye disappeared along with my stable health. I have occasionally false awakening and daily dreams standing by me till now, I enjoy the illusions as a gift that my brain gives to me.
    because of uncontrollable memorize the scenarios and through select pieces of stories proactively, I’ve written down many scenes as recording to my illusions and dreams ,they’re a part of original materials for my works.
    the immersive screen is on and leads me to a virtual world after I shut down my world clock in here. two environments go advance by crossed in my life.2018-2019, among my narrative works about metaphors, links, and illusions , as an ordinary daily dream, formed as a short video is an experiment for the following theme “False Awakening” .

    1. Night terrors typically occur in children between the ages of three and twelve years, an estimated 1–6% of children experience night terrors. In most children, night terrors eventually subside and do not need to be treated. ” —-Wikipedia

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