Michael Jantzen

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    Inventing A New Landscape is a series of photomontages that explore ways in which certain techniques can be used to create new and unexpected images. Photos were taken with a digital camera of some of my three dimensional sculptures. These photos were then placed into my computer where each of the objects was photographically isolated. The isolated objects were then placed into Photoshop where they were manipulated through various techniques, in order to create a new object, which usually varied greatly from the original. In some cases, other things were manipulated such as images of people and animals. All of these altered images were placed into various kinds of existing landscapes where they contrast greatly with the known world. In most of the photomontages, a kind of alien landscape has been presented with the altered surreal objects juxtaposed to the normal landscapes. My hope is that these new landscapes will function as inspiration in the minds of the viewers to create their own stories about what they mean.

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