Nadir Bucan

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Nadir Bucan defines himself as both an academician and documentary photographer. He started to take pictures with an analog camera in 1999 when digital photography had not declared its dominance yet. He used roll films until 2009 and he participated in every stage of photography from chemical bath to printing. His works were published in national and international magazines such as İz, Gezgin, İgnant, Pf, Tutti Fotografi, P3, My Modern Met and LensCulture. He was recently invited to La Quatriéme Image International Photography Festival to exhibit his last work in Paris and selected as a finalist at the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2017. He is also interested in theoretical aspect of photography. So, he took his master’s degree in 2014 with his thesis work title “Reading Documentary Photography Through Walter Benjamin”. The same year, he started his still ongoing doctorate program in Basic Communication Sciences. At the same time, he has academic articles published with the titles “Walter Benjamin and Documentary Photography” and “The Sociologist with a Camera: Sebastião Salgado”. Bucan lives in Turkey and teaches photography classes at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Yuzuncu Yil University.

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