Nelson Pernisco

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Born in Paris in 1993. Currently living and working in Paris. Nelson Pernisco’s work has to be explored the way we would approach the third-places he makes his own; seen as a space of free indiscipline where critical thinking breads new utopias. From urban squats to industrial wastelands, the visual artist took it upon itself to discover the various means of occupying territories, of constructing housings and the way they act as a catalyst for political orders. For his first solo show in Italy, Nelson produced a whole new corpus of works generated from the resistance he opposes to the dehumanization of the contemporary habitat. This guerrilla fighters are coming from the vast army of the street furniture that we are totally addicted to, invisible objects that populate our lives. Aluminum structures recalling barriers and fences, so obvious to the eye to be deprived of any significance or function. These soulless objects are background actors in a deeply standardized environment that is no more centered on the individual. Pernisco creates his personal catalogue of pieces of equipment transformed into modern totems through the use of archaic masks and aluminum gargoyles. Mystical objects that bring back the modern man to his existentialist roots through the juxtaposition of ancient iconography and modern utilitarianism.

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