Nesren Jake

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Nesren Jake as an artist, captures attentiveness with his keen, analytical wits, as he identifies his works as pop-propaganda aiming to draw attention to the existing order(s) and their potential hazards. His productions comprise analytical and critical connotations spreading through out time, while at the same time hassling with the present. He leads the way to the disinformation of the political and economical propaganda, through his ironic usage of symbols. In other words he is guiding us to question once again the social messages induced and accumulated in our subconscious, using his unique style of “the popular cultural images”. The artist, born 1984, started to actively generate his artistic compositions and thoughts from 2010 on. Generally instead of composing a single work or the completion of a series, he chooses to indulge in works of mixed orders and different formats. By doing so he refrains from focusing on a single point but rather looks with a critical eye at what has general acceptance. His language is at times, of immense and rough criticism/cynicism, while softer at other times looking from a satirical framework.

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