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    Hello, I am Pionara a visual artist in Korea. The title of my artwork is ‘How to store your stuff in nature’. I stayed in Southeast Asia for a year and a half and have been working on photographs based on tropical plants. During my stay in the tropics, I was completely immersed in the vigorous stalks of dense fibers, thick, huge leaves, and various shapes of tropical plants, and the new flora of tropical area brought me a new perspective and interest to the plant. The work that started with this interest in tropical plants is the series ‘How to store your stuff in nature’. On the surface, this project seems to be a kind of introduction that introduces various ways to organize and store things with plants, but in substance, it is the artwork of creating a temporarily existing three-dimensional work that emphasizes the shape, texture, and thickness of the plant. Photography, the medium of this work, is not only for the photograph itself but also for the purpose of recording the form that can only be present for a limited period due to the nature of sculpture and installation with a living plant. Instagram @pionara

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