Rafif Taufani

Collage by Rafif Taufani / 6373Collage by Rafif Taufani / 6372Collage by Rafif Taufani / 6371Collage by Rafif Taufani / 6370Collage by Rafif Taufani / 6369

I am a 20 years old collage artist from Indonesia. I do both analog and digital collage, but mostly digital. I have been doing collages for 2 years now. All of my collage was inspired by everyday relationship, how people interact with each other and etc. I really love to potray little things that we all forgot, like half-awake in the morning, a conversation with strangers, couple we see at the park, and so on. I usually take a walk around town and hear people’s stories. More than just making art, my goal is to make connections and deliver them to the world.

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