Rene Cuvos

Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10296Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10295Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10293Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10292Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10291Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10290Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10289Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10288Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10287Painting by Rene Cuvos / 10160

My work defines all about lucid dreams where I am free, and, possesses the power to control all my actions without having to live by the rules and roles constructed by the physical world. I explore this limitless notion of lucid dreaming, a state most people have experienced but find difficult to comprehend because it deals with unconscious. There are scenarios that cannot be explained in a logical sense, elements created as symbols, events don’t add up, characters are left unresolved.

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