Richard Liu

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Richard Liu was born in Pennsylvania, USA and has since then lived in California, Virginia, Maryland, and southeastern coast of Fuzhou, China. Having influenced by a culmination of different cultures and traditional techniques, Richard brings different worlds together to create harmonious visual images. Currently studying at the Maryland Institute College of the Arts with a major in General Fine Arts and a concentration in Illustration, Richard has been chosen for multiple on-campus shows, with one of his works published in the Artist’s Magazine in 2017, as well as being a part of a group show for the 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia in 2019.

Artist Statement:
I am a Chinese-American, raised in two very different cultures, and therefore I have been exposed to significantly diverging viewpoints, rituals, and customs. Consequently, perhaps it is not surprising that notable differences, such as black and white versus color, abstraction versus realism, and symbolism versus direct depiction inform my imagery. The subject matter itself that I work from — transient plants and permanent rocks — embody strong contrasts. Even the materials I employ, like traditional chinese watercolor 工笔 (gongbi) and graphite reflect disparity.

Despite these and other contrasts, I am basically even-tempered; harmony is an important part of my disposition. Therefore, along with visual and conceptual contrasts, I want the visual images I create to be harmonious.

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