Roberto Gacitua

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    Chilean painter borned in Santiago (1965), performing studies with the artist Ida González, wife of famous Cuban painter Mario Carreño. His autodidactic training then becomes essential, in parallel with Architecture and Engineering studies. Attracted by the expression and freedom of artists like Roberto Matta, Benjamín Lira, Pollock and de Kooning, he starts painting abstract works, made with oleo pastel on paper. His Hyper-Lighting Art of “which he is the innocent creator” (as words of the Chilean poet Erick Pohlhammer), “incorporates an Hyper-Dazzled landscape masterfully achieved under the abstractism prism of urban images, reflections on windows and metals, walls textures that sediment stripes and posters stickers”, visuality also present in his acrylics on canvas, technique that he explores since a decade, in a perpetual self-astonished search between figurative and abstract painting.

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