Simon Yung

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Illustrator, screenwriter, fascinated by the strange and the mysterious, Simon Yung reproduces, in his illustrations, the dreamlike visions of his imagination.
He creates, draws and illustrates naturally …
He does not systematically denounce absurdity; he wants to warn against invading universes.
He is a student in applied languages and has studied staging.
He is also a screenwriter and author / illustrator of graphic novel.

…My Illustrations attempts to glorify the mundane through imaginary events, a kind of vivid and partial glimpse where the common, the strange and the absurd overlap.
Each of the elements illustrated embody a fragment of an untold story that extends past the borders of the image.
Not all scenes are directly linked but do share a common psyche.
During their research, these visualizations interfere with each other.
They result in a heterogeneous mixture of spontaneous ideas and sentiments experienced during each of their own development and construction.
I hope that their enigmatic appearance will incite a double take….

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