Simona Ruscheva

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My name is Simona Ruscheva. I graduated Fine Art Painting in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. I am currently living and working in London, UK.

I had my first solo show in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2018. I have also participated in various group shows across London, including Royal Institute of British Artists Annual exhibition and Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition.

Being an immigrant has a huge influence on my work, as my way of staying connected to my culture is directly through my works. I explore various subjects from Bulgarian folklore and heritage, using very traditional elements and objects, such as embroidery and pottery designs, with mythological themes and universal symbols. I implement and transform ideas from different rituals and fables to create a contemporary interpretation of my culture, emphasising on the mystical and esoteric aspect of it.

With my works I want to strengthen and expand people`s awareness of the still existing cultural diversity in a current world setting, where globalisation is the new trend. With ethnicity being melted down, I consider it really important to acknowledge and preserve our own heritage.

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