Sofia Podestà

Photography by Sofia Podestà / 6518Photography by Sofia Podestà / 6517Photography by Sofia Podestà / 6516Photography by Sofia Podestà / 6515Photography by Sofia Podestà / 6514

I am Sofia Podestà, an Italian photographer based in Rome and I’m 25. My life is divided between college, where I’m completing a major in the history of photography, and photography itself. This series was taken during my Icelandic travel last summer. I’ve always dreamt of traveling in Iceland. The wide open spaces, desolation, colours, and atmosphere of being on another planet are what attracted me most. This series is my attempt to reproduce the great sense of agoraphobia that you can find there. Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which you often fear great open spaces. The anxiety is caused by fear that there’s no easy way to escape or seek help if you need it. In Iceland you can be on the road for miles, without any village or gasoline station anywhere nearby, so you might feel the anxiety of being abandoned and half the world away from everything.

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